The Tree of Life – Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves – Yahoo calls it the next super food! You can read more about the Yahoo article here.

The next super food is here!

Moringa Leaves contain more nutrients and natural remedies than any other leaves! Ancient warriors used the leave extract to give them more stamina and strength. David Wolfe, author of  Superfoods says: moringa leaves contain 3.5 times the calcium of milk and 4 times the calcium found in oranges.


moringa leaves

A recent analysis found that it contains more vitamin A than carrots, more iron than spinach, and more potassium than bananas. Not only this, but it also contains protein as much as found in an egg or milk.

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  • You can add the leaves to the salad
  • Add the dry Moringa powder to smoothies and drinks. The powder is as good as the moringa leaves. You can get the powder by clicking this link!
  • Make Moringa Tea and sip it!  You can get the Tea here!
  • Cook it the same way as spinach, collard or kale.
  • Another easy recipe: Steam moringa leaves in water with onion, butter and salt. Depending on your taste, add other ingredients like black pepper, grated coconut, etc
  • If you don’t want to go through all the recipes, moringa capsules are available. You can get them by clicking this link!
  • I cook moringa using this simple way:
    •  In a pan add some olive oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida powder
    •  Add the moringa leaves to this
    •  Add some salt and crushed black pepper
    • Cover the pan for 5 minutes till the moringa leaves cook
    • add some grated coconuts
    • Mix the coconut well with the leaves
    • Serve with white or brown rice


  • Another recipe of mine:In a pan add olive oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and a little bit of asafoetida powder. Add moringa leaves, cooked dal, curry powder,  and diced tomatoes. Cover the pan until the leaves cook. Serve with White rice

Where can you get fresh Moringa Leaves? Click this link right now!





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TC Helicon PolyTune 2 Chromatic Strobe Tuner

TC Helicon is launching PolyTune 2 on August 28, 2013. TC Helicon has taken the smash hit PolyTune and added an ultra-fast strobe mode and a retina scorching bright display to introduce the new PolyTune 2.


Following are some the features of the PolyTune 2:

  • PolyTune® Technology – Tune All Strings Simultaneously
  • Retina-scorching Bright Display
  • Ultra-precise Chromatic Strobe Tuner

Where can I buy the TC Helicon products? Click Here to find more information

PolyTune 2 – A Closer Look

Polyphonic Perfection
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know this. With PolyTune, you simply strum all strings on your guitar or bass at once and it will immediately tell you which strings need tuning! It really is as simple as strum – tune – rock! This way, you spend minimum time tuning and maximum time doing what you love the most – playing.
And They Thought Einstein Was Bright!
You ain’t seen nothing yet! The display on PolyTune 2 is primed with some of the brightest LEDs you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Remember when some tuners were really good for daytime gigs, and others excelled in dark clubs? With PolyTune 2, you get an instant clear overview, no matter what the situation. And the ambient light sensor makes sure you get just the right amount of brightness. Every time. It’s truly amazing how bright they get, so don’t come complaining if planets want to orbit your pedalboard.
The Strobe Is Strong With This One
The original PolyTune was best in class when it came to precision. Great – but why stop there? We’ve received many requests from the guitar community to add a strobe tuner – a decision we’d been debating internally as well. So let there be strobe! For fine-tuning your precious gear and giving it the care and attention it deserves, to super accurate tuning in the studio or by a roadie on stage. This strobe tuner is lightning fast and ultra precise. But how precise is it? Well, let’s just say if you tune and then put your pick on the fret-board – you’re going to see the difference (we’re not even joking).yTune was best-in-class when it came to precision. Great – but why stop there? We’ve gotten many requests from the guitar community to add a strobe tuner – a decision we’d been debating internally as well. So let there be strobe! For fine-tuning your precious gear and giving it the care and attention it deserves to super accurate tuning in the studio or by a roadie on stage. This strobe tuner is lightning fast and ultra precise. How precise is it? Well, let’s just say if you tune and then put your pick on the fretboard – you’re gonna see the difference (we’re not even joking).

Where can you buy the PolyTune2?

Click Here to buy TC Helicon products


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Korg PitchHawk Clip-on Tuner

Korg announced the PitchHawk Clip-on Tuner, the new tuner in their line up of clip-on tuners in the Summer NAMM 2013.

Korg PitchHawk Clip-on Tuner

The following are the features of the PitchHawk Clip-on Tuner:

  • Korg’s brightest clip on LCD display (display’s internal back light further ensures excellent visibility, even on a dimly lit stage)
  • alert for over-winding the E string
  • stay in perfect pitch
  • Auto Power Off function (saves battery life)
  • Memory Back-Up function to remember settings
  • features an ultra-tight grip
  • can accommodate a guitar or bass headstock (PitchHawk-G) or ukulele headstock (PitchHawk-U)
  • multi-angle positioning
  • has a tuning range of A0 to C8 and a full complement of tuning functionality
  • includes special markings to indicate pure major third and minor third intervals
  • the Calibration function accommodates a variety of concert pitches
  • Uses a widely available CR2032-type lithium battery (included) that powers the PitchHawk for up to 75 hours
  • available this fall for a price of $29.99

For more information please visit the Korg website.

Korg Tuners are available in Amazon Online Store for a great price!





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Korg Pa900 Arranger Keyboard

Korg announced in the Summer NAMM that it is coming up with a new keyboard, Pa900 Arranger Keyboard. It will be available in Fall 2013 with a price of $1899.

Korg Pa900 arranger keyboard

Following are the highlights of the Pa900 Arranger Keyboard:

  • High performance arranger in the acclaimed PA-series
  • incorporates Nuance Control technology (DNC) for extra realism and expressiveness
  • intuitive user interface
  • rich, powerful sound
  • uses double the PCM memory of the best selling Pa600 (and extends the amount of User PCM memory to 192MB)
  • the number of user Style locations has also expanded to 1,200
  • improved built-in speaker system delivers it all with clear, rich sound
  • Standard features such as the TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer, an MP3 player & recorder, Dual Crossfade Sequencer and Video output for lyric display enhances one’s performance options
  • aluminium side-panels and a silver body provides a prestigious look on any stage

Korg Microarranger

  • provides a powerful wave memory, delivering incredible sound quality
  • Slim and compact lightweight design
  • Large TouchView™ 7” TFT display
  • Easy layout and intuitive graphical interface with new Search function for quickly locating musical resources

Look at this You Tube video to get a feel for the Pa900 keyboard:

  • 2-way speaker system provides powerful, clear sound
  • Improved Style and Performance selection; over 400 factory Styles
  • Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 for even more realistic guitar parts
  • 4 Stereo Master Effects
  • and so on

Please visit Korg website for more information

Korg Arranger Keyboard’s can be bought for a great price from Amazon.






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Tascam DA-3000 DA3000 Review

Tascam is going to come out with DA-3000 High Definition and DSD Solid State Recorder very soon. With an end user price of  $999.99, it is going to be a great value for the recording studios!

Order DA-3000 today and save!

Tascam DA-3000

Tascam DA-3000 is an upgrade to the legendary DV-RA1000HD. Here is the description of the DA-3000 from the Tascam website.


The DA-3000 builds off of decades of experience, offers the same famous BurrBrown A/D converters, is armed with upgraded pres and packed into a sleeker, more modern design. This brand new high definition master recorder/ADDA converter takes the solid reputation of the DV-RA1000HD and adds to it, offering uncontended quality, versatility and innovation.

Tascam DA3000 - 1

The DA-3000 is designed to fit in any size recording studio, professional or home, for recording, mastering, broadcast, replacing a DAT machine or for audiophiles wanting to upgrade their files. This powerful recorder supports high sampling rates up to PCM 192 kHz and DSD 5.6MHz. One has the option of recording to SDHC and Compact Flash. The large bright LED level meters ensure its users that the audio being recorded is always set to the proper levels. It’s high-precision TCXO, fan-less design ensure pristine audio quality and the dual monaural D/A converters for each channel help eliminate any possible interference.

Multiple units can be linked simultaneously for increased channel recording. Find on the rear of the unit, balanced XLR I/O, unbalanced RCA I/O along with digital audio I/F AES-EBU, S/PDIF for PCM and SDIF-3/DSD-raw for DSD. By incorporating TASCAM’s new DA-3000 into any studio today, one will not only guarantee superior audio but also add a bit of legend to all recordings that pass through it.


Key DA-3000 features include:

  • Supports various media such as SDHC/CF(UDMA) and USB memory (*USB: for playback only)
  • High sampling rates up to PCM 192kHz, DSD 5.6MHz
  • High-quality OP-Amp (NE5532)
  • Optimum condensers for quality audio and high-spec resistors for low-noise, high-accuracy and high heat capacity
  • Clock frequency accuracy of 1ppm by TCXO
  • Crystal direct system for low-jitter
  • Cascade connection with sample level operation (Recording and Playback)
  • Input monitor function for DA conversion
  • XLR analog balanced I/O
  • RCA analog unbalanced I/O
  • RCA coaxial digital I/O (S/PDIF) for PCM
  • XLR digital I/O (AES/EBU) for PCM
  • BNC digital I/O (SDIF-3/DSD-raw) for DSD
  • Supports WORD IN/OUT/THRU (*OUT/THRU is exclusive by a switch)
  • Dual monaural D/A converter configured with ICs of BurrBrown’s PCM1795 for each channel to eliminate channel interference
  • High-quality AD converter of BurrBrown’s PCM4202
  • An EI-core power transformer with separated coils for digital and analog circuits
  • Easy to see large LED level meters (24 dots)
  • 128 x 64 Dot Matrix OLED (organic light emitting display): Provides wide viewing angle and high visibility
  • 1U compact size

All specifications subject to change.

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